Paradigm Shift

by Anjana Subramanian

Have you observed a paradigm shift in today’s world? Whether it is shaking up the normal 9-5 office schedule, introducing new forms of digital currency into the market, or technological or regulatory changes.

Schools and Colleges have shifted to a hybrid model of learning which includes online as well in-person classes. The traditional roles are changing and we all are experiencing an identity shift. The way we thought and worked so far may not work anymore.The necessity of going out has drastically reduced which has greatly affected social, emotional, and mental well-being. It has taken a toll on our health.

Traveling is not an impromptu activity nowadays; it is rather a privilege and people have started appreciating whatever was taken for granted. We all have to adjust to this dynamic unpredictable ecosystem which has caused a vast difference between life and lifestyle. Both the entities are equally precious and change is just a part of this process.

About the Author:

Anjana Subramanian is a young engineer and a brand new wife, she believes in having a positive outlook towards life. She is currently settled in the Bay Area, CA, and let her creative juices flow in her writings and kitchen.

One Comment

  1. Very well summarized the reality of the new age post covid.