Mysterious Whisper

In the eerily darkness of the night,I heard a familiar voice whisper in fright.With my eyes wide open and heart throbbing,I opened the door and walked outward groping.My expectation was brutally chopped,When I saw no one, my heart nearly dropped.I screamed out her name,Too loud in the open space with pain.For a second, I lost my mind;Both my sight and mind turned blind.My thoughts juggled between a dream and reality,Drowned in the vastness of rarety devoid of clarity.I held my breath for sometime and carefully listened,But nothing appeared as envisioned.The silence only raised my eyebrowsAnd let suspicion grow.Before I walked back to my place,I tried to understand myself and embrace.I could neither blame the night for such crueltyNor tolerate the pain in totality.The mysterious whisper disappeared into the darkness;Abondoning my mind in starkness.There is so many I ought to believe,But I realized that not everything is to be believed.~Yeshi Nidup
Phuentsholing, Bhutan

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