Manifolds of Me…

A poet in me writes millions of poetries,
A painter in me paints millions of potteries,
A carpenter in me chisels millions of thoughts,
A driver in me drives millions of roads.
Every verse of my heart that I write,
Glows akin to the mirage of the lovely light,
I pen down my millions of letters and words,
Fending my life with the poetic swords.
The brush of my life paints my wonderous feel,
For I have the softest quill,
To sketch the world in my palm,
Seeking for colors of my life in alms.
Perfectly chiseled existence of mine,
Is chiseled millions of times,
Each time I was sculpted with love,
I was given wings to soar like a dove.
On the meandering journey of my life,
I bump and dump to strive and thrive,
Wanting to make my voyage the joyous one,
Waking up with the moon and setting with the sun.
~ Bagawath Bhandari

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