Loving You is Like Sunny Days

Loving you is like sunny days.

It’s warm.


And more than perfect.


The sun and the excitement it brings —

I’ll have it on any day of the year.

Just like you.


Loving you feels like the right day of going into a random coffee shop.

Or wearing my favorite clothes which feels liberating.

It’s colorful and vibrant. Like we will not run out of anything to do under the sun.


They say that sunlight makes living things grow.

It gives people the right amount of hope that fills their being.

And that’s what you are.

Your presence feels redeeming.

Your deep and colorful energy allows me to bloom into something more beautiful.

You bring out the admirable things that I didn’t think I have in me.

The voids and all the vacant spaces in my life were filled with every ray of sunshine that was emanating from my soul.


You are my sunny days.

Even if it’s raining, it’s always warm.

And on my cloudy days, you still have my heart.

Because it has been taken care of enough to grow with kindness and love even in the hardest seasons of this life.

~Cierylene Florento


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