Leaked Emotions

You came in my life,

Promising a different world to me,

I gave you my heart,

convinced by your sugar-coated lies.

I made you my world,

I took you to the darkest corner of my soul,

I totally agreed to all your bluffs,

Ignoring the gamble we were commencing.

You became my obsession,

I was selfishly trying to steal you from the moon,

I wail for our limited moments,

You laughed seeing my desperation.

I had painted my life black,

You made me colorless,

I had blown thousands of stars on your way,

But you left the dirtiest scars on me.

I was a new chapter in your book of life,

You crafted my life as a story for your benefit,

I was always an antagonist,

In your play of life and love.

Now, lonely are the stars, so I am,

Broken are all our fanatics and, so I am,

You were a perfect mirage to hold,

You were a dream that never came true.

~ Bishnu Maya Acharya 


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