Maula Maula Maula
Mere Maula…..
The moon’s glow, softly singing satire;
The grass beneath of us; the earth we shall all return to,
The sky above us; the shades of white and blue and grey,
A mother’s embrace, is it, I wonder- for all the contentment that has seeped into my bones?
Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein
Mene kya nahi paya…
The faint scent of petrichor, the sunlight of a morning winter;
Temples crowned with sandalwood; barefoot to His abode,
The gold of dawn and the red of dusk and the burning fire in your eyes,
How is it, I wonder, that the universe fits between our folded hands?
Jab teri gali aaya
Sach tabhi nazar aayaa…
A gentle caress, a slow embrace, water to those parched lips,
Grains of love, in those fields of certitude.
Maula Maula Maula,
Mere Maula….
~Anantinee Mishra
New Delhi, India
Note: The Hindi Lyrics are from the song ‘Arziyan’, from the movie ‘Dilli-6.’


  1. Imagination at its height with distinct superlative language .

  2. Her writing skill is remarkable. Whenever I am going through her stories, couldn’t believe myself. It’s like wonder to me.
    God bless her