Time has arrived for me to bid goodbye,And it’s time for my heart to cry.How do I accept this endingAnd what do I expect from a new beginning?It severely pains my heart when I think of a departureBut I must ensure it doesn’t enact immaturely.At this juncture, life gives thrilling moments;To reflect on the past and fathom life’s new endowment.I wonder how many goodbyes are in the queue,As I continue to run on my life without a clue.Each one of them would give me an ocean of lessons,And nurture me to be a better person.My eyes bath in tears at the brim,And mixed emotions swim on a whim.My world becomes bleakWhen my thoughts are terribly sick.I ride this life topsy-turvy;Yet, I enjoy like I am a bit tipsy.I can neither escape nor avoid this errand,But I can embrace the life to withstand.Goodbye’s are intoxicated with emotions;It is time to introspect about life’s commotion.Though difficult to bid adiue,I shall do it gently without further due.~Yeshi Nidup
Phuentaholing, Bhutan 

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