Furious Nature

I gasp for fresh air to keep myself cool,And opt for the coolest outfits not to appear like a fool.But where do I hide,When the Sun has woken up for the day’s ride.I feel like I am roasted,And gives me a feeling that my life is toasted.I lost all my nerves fighting for the heat,I am desperately expecting a better Summer treat.I miss the mountain breeze,Which would otherwise refresh and keep me at peace.However, I must follow the Southern foothills discipline,The daily rituals of life that shall timely intervene.The sky opens up easily and surprise with heavy tears;An ear-piercing roar and eye-blinding flashes provoke fear.Nature seems to be furious,But its furious proclamation makes me more curious.I don’t want to run away from nature’s horror;Rather I wish to sing a song of peace in furore.Although it is scary to witness what prevails,Nature takes refuge and seeks its own bail.It is beautiful to dance akin to nature’s rhythm;Twist and turn at every beat in tandem.I must marry a natureAnd keep loving indifferently until our departure.~Yeshi Nidup
Phuentsholing, Bhutan 

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