Friendship is like sunlight
A big warm hug,
Embracing all of you
You bloom into a beautiful person under it
Unlike Icarus,
You can never fly too close to this big ball of happiness
Friendship is a rainbow
Seven colours shared between two hearts
Feeling, love, sadness, happiness
truth, faith, secrets and respect
Through the hottest, the coldest, and the rainy days,
like an unexplainable phenomenon, it remains, it stays
Friendship is a peculiar seed
No matter the season,
It blooms when planted on a nourishing soul
A bond unified with no genetics
A lighthouse you can see no matter how far you are
Friendship is unconditional love, honest praise, and silent disagreement
It’s the beauty of a thousand galaxies crammed into one word
~Devanshi Gupta
New Delhi, India


  1. Great message embedded.

  2. What a beautiful poem !

  3. What a beautiful poem ! Great understanding of the word itself…