It was our final goodbye- the morning was more gloomy than yesterday
 I woke up early dawn, peering through my window glasses.
The hills were not so green;
it seemed there would be a shower without any preamble.
 My bare fingers held a half-burnt cigarette,
I should either return or move forward,
but decided not to be here with you.
I couldn’t change my basic nature for anyone,
for anything- probably;
for this reason I was sent to the boarding school.
Some flashbacks
clearly appeared in my eyes,
I could see another ‘me’ ,
waiting for some birds,
their daily visit in my place
made me addicted to them.
I couldn’t possibly
get involved with you.
 Your sleeping face was so sublime, so pure; I knew
I wouldn’t be here
within few minutes.
 My wrong concept
of living life
 didn’t match yours; you’d find
a better life afterwards.
You did take me by my words; I’m nothing but
 a mere scribbler, try to distribute some happiness
 to my readers; you fell
for me, though not intentionally,
but I had no option otherwise.
Faraway from your place
My footprints would be no more
in your happy world.
~ Sonali Chanda
Ernakulam India

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