Destined to Fail

Drew a line in tumultuous water- was destined to fail.

Held barriers against the vexed zephyrs- was destined to fail.

Dropped a boulder in the agape volcano – was destined to fail.

Tried holding on to the rumbling, crumbling earth- was destined to fail.

Destiny could see it no more.

Swooping down, she came upon the troubled souls.

Draping the guise of a critter of the skies, she came by.

There they were, huddled on either side of the closed door,

baggy clothes, children masquerading in adult roles.

Separated by metal, they pounded to be together.

Destiny landed upon the casing that stood separating.

Eyes met language left.

The ally from the sky offered her sigh.

Glancing below from her cliff of justice, she spread her beak, wisdom in speech;

she said: “Better off dead

than to be held uncertain in this cruel casket of lead.”

The melancholy bound them strong,

their lips quivered and spinned questions into a sorrowful song:

“What do you do when the door’s closed and everything is going wrong?

When the tunnel is dark and you don’t know where you belong?

When you don’t know how long it will last, this aeon,

How long will this pain prolong?”

The divine creature of flight flapped her majestic wings,

warding off smite,

she let herself recite:

The predicament is daunting,

the thought of parting- haunting.

A soul casted in the same mould,

made into two upon birth,

seeks its halve to become a whole.

A sin would it be to have them at bay,

they’re meant to stay.

Have a look at the door,

Does it stand there anymore?

Avoiding the symphony,

landed heartfirst into the cacophony,

looking for serenity,

ended up with no sugar to the honey.

Having heard the theurgist’s narration,

they drew out of the nether regions of their rumination-

their ears had heard faintly of the rhythms of salvation.

The beady tears had a cessation of their course,

what had stood as the dividing foe,

decimated into dust- coarse.

For a change, they lost it all and made a gain,

accepting the inevitable but still loving the same.

The door had vanished,

what stood before them were reflections of each other,

happy but languished,

tired but sane.

How had they awaited this day,

in all keenness- hearts fluttering and counting each beat.

How had they awaited this day,

hoping to get united,

staring at the hourglass and the falling sand,

they had grown exhausted.

How had they awaited this day,

this day which seemed to be comprising of months,

instead of seconds.

How had they awaited this day with the impatience running amuck,

in their aching, longing chests,

and the thoughts of ecstasy dancing wildly on their breaths.

The day had finally come,

late, but determined,

there was no deterrent,

it was all to be taken in a transcendental fashion.

Bodies lacking pleasure-seeking it,

feverish trance disorienting wit,

they both said in agreement: “This could be it.”

Destiny smirked,

her work here was done,

she had restored the harmony-

had made them one.

She flapped her wings gently and stars fell in admiration,

this was not a union of perishable humans,

an event of millenia it was,

for two droplets seldom meet the river at the same time,

and turn it into an ocean.

Tried sticking to just the self – was destined to fail.

Walked right into the eye of the storm – was destined to fail.

Dived deep from the steep creek to seek peace – was destined to fail.

Hurled being into smoldering fire, expecting to escape, unscathed – was destined to fail.

~ Karan Surya


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