Crying Hearts

The wind shrieked

The clouds thundered

Lightning struck the sky

It poured and poured

Drenching the earth

The gods cried out their hearts

Suddenly the wind seized.

The sky grew dark and cloudy

The pouring stopped a while

As if paying homage to the departed

Draped in the National Flag

Lying still in their coffins

Their heartbeats missing forever

Devils crossed their emotional path

When proceeding to guard their homeland

Braying, bloodthirsty devils crossed

Their innocent patriotic stride

Crushing them forever

The heavens cried

The birds shuddered

The sun crept behind the clouds

Shedding silent tears

The stars and the moon refused to emerge

Declaring it a mournful night


They took shelter in the hearts

Of those

Who laid their lives?

The mothers cried, the widowed wailed

The children agonized

Searched with hungry eyes

Beyond the vacant space

Their dear lost fathers

Hid beyond their restless gaze

‘Their aged fathers’ muted

Blinded with questions unanswered

Blankly stared at the young coffins

Draped in the National tricolor

Martyred and lost forever

Who will punish these inhuman brutes?

Who will avenge their innocent death?

Is the Nation ready?

Are the people united?

Are the hatching gulfs of peace resolved?

Our leaders united on this issue


Their marketing skills eclipse this tragedy.

The aching bodies in the coffins

Consumed to tragic flames

Demand an answer


Their vacant eyes shall haunt those forever

Who plays a foul game?

These cold-blooded murders

Shall chase them in their sleep

Drowning them in their lusty power

Shredding their craving for wealth and glory

Transporting them to ‘heavenly hell’

While our martyrs lie in peace

Angels divine guarding their sleep


~Shobha Diwakar

Jabalpur, India

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