Corpse of Love…

He had the greatest impact on her,

She had suppressed her emotions for him,

He ruled her world brutally,

She surrendered her emotions in misery.

Rising from the mud of humiliation,

She germinated the seedling so pure,

Raising the thunderbolt so high,

He chopped the bud she grew into.

Dripping the blood of her trust,

She gave him her throbbing heart,

Dragging his ego to the core,

His eyes shaded no tears of fear.

Her tear stain cheeks were pale,

Her cracked bones screamed her painful melody,

Drains of blood proved her innocence,

Yet, he mocked her to give him her soul.

For the last breathe she took,

Her eyes spoke chiliad of unspoken words,

For her love was unconditional,

She closed her eyes and embraced the darkness.

He who was strong became frail,

His heart stopped along with her tragic demise,

He wanted to captive her for life,

Yet, he was captivated by her memories for eternity.

~ Bishnu Maya Acharya 


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