Confused Race

We are a much-confused race.
Rocking recklessly betwixt the
extremes of getting and spending
Splashing helplessly in the
puddle of materialism
Grappling ever with a nerve-breaking routine
And so disillusioned.
Worldly activities  make us feverish and fretting
They do not let us take even a slight respite.
Wordsworth said rightly,
“The world is too much with us.”
Great paradox:
We are fed up of rat race and confusions,
Still want to revel in the luxury of the gross mire.
We are a lost race.
Pitiably ignorant of God’s bounty.
People, both young and aged,
Look for counseling and consolation.
Monied they are, endowed with education and vain etiquette
Boasting of getting and doing anything,
But miserably poor in Inner Peace.
Which exists in every one of us,
It is only a matter of bringing it out. They can do it with a little bit of perseverance and patience.
And, of course, should have faith in themselves.

~Dr. Kailash Nath Khandelwal

Agra, India

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