A Rain Drop

I was sleeping under the hands of huge sea,
There was nothing, neither a single person, nor a single tree.
When I woke up, I saw all my friends going behind the heat,
Which goes towards the vast sky, and somewhere it meets.
           But I don’t know where?
I was really attracted by the warm heat and swim to touch it,
I am not going to catch the whole heat, but a little bit.
When I touch the heat gently,
My soft and wet skin evaporates faintly.
I was really amazed, that how it is possible,
But excited, that I am flying in the air to travel.
Me and my friends are floating upward,
The feeling is as like being a little bird.
We are laughing at the huge sea that he is not able to come with us because of his weight,
He has to lose some fat, but now it’s too late.
We decided, that for the poor sea, we are going to wait.
We all gathered at a place,
Forming a cloud in the shape of a man’s face.
We are very happy to be free
From the hands of the cruel but kind sea.
We are dancing in the disco with special lighting.
People think that we are fighting.
Our shadow on the earth has now appeared,
Because of our dance, little kids got feared.
We are now bored of waiting for the poor sea,
They all decided to go down again without asking me.
  We all decided to go back as a little drop.,
We started jumping down, but I stop.
I check out for the direction where I have to go,
Where is my house and where I have to flow?
Some fall on the ground,
Some on the huge tree,
Where I have to jump, which is best suited to me.
Some are lucky once like me,
Got their homes back under the arms of the sea,
Where there was neither a single person nor a single tree.
~Shreya Maithani
Rishikesh, India

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