Rakish Ramanathapuram

World does not seem to communicate

more divine, I sign:

Sun-baked earth would drag by

A majesty might happens

Now, this bustling place shows

The dreamy seas live in their own master land

Twin brides are living as dual sound

Until grooms arrive,

As nature planned.


The fruitful land shares his shoulders

To richer local beard orchards.

The beauty of the place is young

Wearing a green-pool garment

As farmers planned.


The artistic creation born in the

Womb of brave women

It gave Kalam, velu natchiyar,

Plus. as god planned.


This delicious velvety place

has a trio of temples, pillar of light,

Star of night, and ring of the crescent.

Inspiring kalam’s memorial place,

A sight so stealing the hearts of

the pilgrims, tourists, gipsy

And a passionate traveler

As people planned.



~ Mari Shobana

Tamil Nadu, India

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