On Being Alone

To be alone is to
Enjoy your own kingdom.
No rules apply to how you live
Where to sit, and where to recline
None to question your own lone

You are the king
On your Royal bed
Tossing the pillow sideways
Lying length-wise or otherwise
The wish is yours, yours is

Anytime you may
Sip your tea, milk, or coffee,
Menu is yours and you the eater
Take this or throw that, who’s to ask
How to use your means, and how
To spend.

So why make
A complaint of living alone
When so many various liberties are
Credited to your account of silent life
Spend them wisely and with cool


~Dr. Kailash. N. Khandelwal

Agra, India

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  1. Vijaylaxmi Sarmah

    Wonderful 👌

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