Mystic Creation

I feel perplexed with the creation

Of infinite land and the oceans

A universe that has no beginning nor end

Infinite celestial objects harmoniously blend.


The rivers that flow night and day

Keeps pouring its content into the bay

On touching it feels soft and fragile

It can wash majestic things as it agile


I feel mystified to stand and see

From a dirty soil grows a beautiful tree

Its flowers are aromatic and colorful

That makes the environment cheerful


The living species on earth are infinite

Pondering on it gets me ambivalent

The way all the living things are dependent

Nothing on earth can stand independent


I feel amazed at the atoms that are invisible

Combined with force of nature to be visible

Creating a universe of all the mortal matter

Without it, a universe would shatter


~ Deepak Raj Chetri

Phuentsholing, Bhutan

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