My Angel

When I think of you, I see your turquoise blue eye
almost blinding my sight even when you are far away.
Yet, I keep staring intensely in my own creation,
a lady so adorable and an angel of affection.

My heart freezes with the radiance of infinite love;
my breathe slows as excessive excitement governs my emotions.
Yet, my heart shall not falter its usual beat;
and keep my thoughts pure and sober.

I can hear your heartbeat loud and clear,
although you are a thousand miles away.
I can feel the warmth of love strangely distant,
such is the power when hearts are madly in love.

I can see your silky golden fleece dancing in the wind,
cascading down the shoulder like a rainbow.
Each hair gently kissing your moon-like countenance,
swinging hither and thither under the command of a gushing wind.

Distance is just a physical hindrance,
but our hearts remain in touch forever.
I shall keep hugging and kissing,
in my thoughts and dream until no barriers keep us apart.


~Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan

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  1. Amazing dear

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