Long Distant Love

Watching undulating waves,

Sitting  on  a  sandy  beach

I crave for a possibility – if

You could be within my reach.


Then, in a flash, it occurred to me

That you might be thinking –

Perhaps I, too, am seeing the

Stars, which for you are blinking


The shining moon smiles

At me as well as at you,

All elements that divide us,

Can’t diminish our love, it’s true


I look at floating clouds and

Sense that somewhere far

It’s raining in your region,

Nature’s bliss keeps us at par


In the whole cosmos anywhere

Though we are in the distant parts

We are connected through,

Invisible strings of our hearts


We breathe the same air

We are under one sky,

To really meet sometimes,

We both crave and cry


~ Sudha Dixit

Bangalore, India

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