Fast World

“it’s getting late,

Meet you next time, mate”

Once a best friend

Now a time dread.


“Soon you are joining the rat race!

Increase your pace!”

But they never told the child-

About the crazy wild.


“There is no time! I have to go.

Next time I’ll listen to your woes!”

But does he know there will be no next time?

Because the lady’s clock chimed.


Once the dining room was filled with noise

But now, there is not a single voice

They forget nothing stays forever,

They may never see their dear ones ever.


But the world will never slow down

And those who do are called clowns

The speed chart has a high range

And it will never change.


                      ~ Shalmali Nandini

                        Banglore, India

One Comment

  1. Wonderful! It’s so apt to the current world! Keep up the good work.