Dining Emotions…

I saw the city of in my heart burning,

Ignited by the people so cunning,

The street that I walked alone,

Is nowhere to be shown.


The railing that I leaned on,

Has fallen,

And the bridge that I walked on,

Is blown.


The garden of Eden is nowhere to be seen,

As dust has showcased a sarcastic scene,

Stems look pale and empty,

As bloom on earth is filled with dust in plenty.


Particles of dust dance in the air,

As I walked silently in fear,

My eyes invited the guests of tear,

As pain germinated in me with no care.


I walked hours of time with the blazing heart,

With sadistic emotions plastered as art,

My mind tears me apart for hundred times,

As I sat on the lawn with tears and fears to dine.


~ Bagawath Bhandari


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