An Angelic New Year

A little angel 👼

Opened his eyes 👀

On the 4th Jan. this year

A pretty cool smile

Adorned his face

On the bosom of his mum, so dear


Happily cuddled

Warm and tender

He sleeps as an angel be

 Unaware of the newfound home 🏠

He found

To bless with a gift so dear

Filling each heart ❣ with happiness

Missing since many years


Gran’ma’s excited

So are we all

To hold and bless the bundle of joy

Denied for many years


May God’s cherished blessings

Follow you at every step

All loving arms to hold and care


You learn to walk by yourself


~Shobha Diwakar

Jabalpur, India

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  1. It’s a beautiful poem welcoming the Baby, ‘a bundle of joy’ as the poet calls the new born baby. The sun finally shone on the family.

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