A Woman’s Cry

A gust of wind,

Penetrating the sea,

High tides, flashes of light,

Emerge from the soul of despair.


Far stood a woman,

Skeptical of her identity,

Her cry,

Who am I? Oh, divinity!


Tears roll down the soul,

A manless world as a whole,

Vultures rise from dark clouds,

Like a lil hummingbird with a foul.

Stood witnessing black sunset,

Aspiring for the limelight.


Oh! Creator, lead the path to the blind,

Heal  the desperate heart,

Mercy be upon the soul

Longing for your grandeur,

A thin light fills the heart with grace,

To face this world with a phrase.


“I am a woman,

I am a woman with modesty,

Not an object of your cruelty!”


~Rumana Khanum

 Mysuru, India

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