A Passage to Infinity

by Sudha Dixit

I am a dreamer and a philosopher. Always been so – right from my childhood. My family was profoundly religious and a bit orthodox; though my father allowed us to argue and ask questions. No topic was taboo. We had liberty, even, to question religion. I was a rebel. So, I always rebelled against God. Yet, there is one God in Hindu mythology, called ‘Krishna’. People are familiar with ‘Krishna’. The movement of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” is quite popular in America.

Anyway, the character and personality of Krishna are unique. He may be a deity – an incarnation but he is, almost, human. According to mythology, he was a naughty child with lovable pranks. Many eminent poets have composed beautiful poems about him. He grew up as an exceptionally brilliant man.  Handsome like Adonis and brainy like any great master. He was a charming lover with spirituality. He was a brave warrior and a diplomat. His role in the ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata” is unique and magnificent. He is called “Epoch Originator”.

I dreamt of my prince charming, who was like “Krishna”. Anyone can laugh at my preposterous fancy and desire. But it is not laughable. From a very early age, I felt like an adult. (Now I feel like a kid). Well! I always felt that I was a soul, not a body. My body was/is only a carrier for my soul. I had, forever, been in quest of my soulmate. An everlasting search for the Supreme Being. It’s an eternal thirst that an eland who keeps running in the vast desert, chasing a mirage. It’s like the longing of that mythical bird who only drinks dew-drop that rains under Arcturus star.

I know these are, all, myths. I may be having a far-fetched imagination. I don’t know if anyone has heard of Meera, a famous Indian queen who loved “Lord Krishna”, whom she had never seen. She had composed some immortal songs of longing, in his praise. I think I am Meera. I am on a never-ending voyage, looking for a tryst with my super soul – my soulmate!

About the Author:

Sudha Dixit is a writer and poet. She currently lives in Bangalore and had a career in real estate spanning over 15 years. She is a graduate of Aligarh Muslim University, Luknow University, and Banaras Hindu University. Her articles and poems frequently appear in various online journals and magazines.

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