If Not for the Craters on Your Breast

Oh, my moon,

The metaphor of my musings,

My dreams, dreams of my moon,

In dreams, we float like angels,

You in the heavenly,

Me in thy memories,

In thy blueness pleasing to eyes,

Pleasing eyes make out lagoons of harmony,

Moon, the allegory turning new leaves,

My moon, the mermaid of my fame

Diviner’s icon,

Mystic of night sky’s crown,

Moon and band of stars

Moon the charmer of babies,

Purveyor of fair and dark clouds

Of fair and the evil,

Skimmer of the new sky from the old

Moon the shingle of my home,

Moon my love,

If not for the craters on your breast,

I would love you more.


~Saranyan BV

Bangalore, India

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