Alas! My Dream…

Alas! I dreamt of earth shedding tears,

And crying in hunger and fear,

She runs down the mountains and hills,

Seeking for her healing pills.


She tears her chest in pains,

As humans crave only for their gains,

She walks nakedly down the street,

With her burning and melting spirit.


She gets raped by demoniac humans,

But they are filled with wondrous acumen,

The acumen of living a wonderful life,

Dragging the earth in the drain of grief.


Mother earth feeds all the living beings,

But none dare to praise and sing,

Hymns for her in the need,

As we are filled hunger and greed.


Let her wear the dress of love and peace,

To provide us bread and butter in piece,

To sustain our civilization for times to come,

With the blessing of mother earth and the sun.


~Bagawath Bhandari


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