How do I fly

With sodden wings

Give me the Sun

Give me some breeze

So that I may dry

My wet wings

On the rooftop or

On the trees

Clouds hovering

Over the horizon

Dripping nectar

Upon the Earth

Helping moisture to increase

And germinate the seeds

 Growing crops,

   Spreading mirth

I’ve walked upon the grass

I’ve raced around the environs

Through Summer, Fall then Winter

I’ve enjoyed all these seasons

Yet I look up at the sky

Colouful rainbows do I espy

And then in my heart

A desire takes birth

A wishful thinking

To reach the horizon

From the terrace

Over the ocean

Fly with Angel’s wings

Ambition plays a strong role

It helps, in life, to reach a goal

I find my wings

Through dreams

And soar high above

To all extremes


~Sudha Dixit

Bangalore, India

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  1. This poem is quite magnetic. Wonderful.

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