We Are Not Alone Out There!

One day I sought adventure as I could

only imagine from my easy chair

in my vision I had to ride the train

and thrills would come quietly unaware.


I told no one as I went to my  work

place with a  satchel packed of basic needs

after hours I would call home to say I

am going to have some escapades


Got my ticket boarded the shuttle filled

with many a weary  homebound folk

I stretched myself after the crowd waned as

the chugger stopped on a rusty vale fork.


The loud groaning engine woke my snooze as

 I shivered in the early evening breeze

at  the cusp  of urban to rustic scenes

scrunching my nose at the filth strewn at ease.


Outside the railings of the stop of a

sleepy hamlet hung an ad of  a troupe

for men to come wind down with a beer some

sides happy hours though not a hula hoop.


The compulsion to rhyme was not there then

 as I awaited the big electric

which would further my quest  for I was just

four hours into it not yet quite centric.


And the shuttler did make it on time with

folk returning to their localities,

my heart beat a little faster coz I

 would be single no familiarities.


Unknown stations  startled me sideways

letting me decide how deeply I went,

into novelty afore the dark closed

to put me in a guarded settlement.


Happily, for me, I got a nice stay

and was all curled up drawing the curtain,

passing the nighttime cautiously with no

mishaps shockers of that I was certain


Sleeping all alone on a strange bed far

from the nest was a bit monotonous,

jittering at every little sound I

soon set into slumber voluminous


My getaway had plans to visit a

mountainous spiritual hot spot

for that was known to me second hand in

anecdotes that my friends talked about


The dawn crept in booming toots of

ferrous engines grinding to a halt

as though pushing an inertia so strong

moving their weight on parallel asphalt


Slipping from my warm bed I got ready

to visit the abode in sahayadris

firstly a  top breakfast to celebrate

 my maiden trip solo no shaking knees


I caught a bus and set off into the

eastern rays to my rendezvous divine

the ride was uneventful dull rocking

alone with  foliage and a ravine


The shrine was impressive the lord consort

left very much to their own devices

detached etched  in stone as devotees sang

prayers feeling blessed with their  premises


I took my boons  in the hot afternoon

the sun staring with long reverse shadows

I walked downhill escaping buses plying

to continue being on tapping toes.


Taking  many turns I unknowingly

ran into a tribe of Adivasis

with no pucca houses sparse clothing I

gestured  for water mildly with unease


After well water to drink smiling strange

I wondered if I had cut their ration,

and  then caught a bus back as I was done

with my walkabout in trepidation


A sweet boy chatted me up coz he was

 aching for the  home which he had long left,

To get educated in the city

 that lay at the feet of a rising weft


All along the messages I received

reverberating from mountains to land,

was that ‘we are not all alone out there’

unseen  energies give a  helping hand


I was late reaching home and  had to spend

it outside my door coz pops was displeased,

with my impromptu trip and return at

the graveyard shift when ghosts are released.


So far yet so close from my comfy bed

 I slowly reran my trip in my head

as I wanted to go and crash but that

end took a while as I calmly waited


Every part of my journey was mindful

Careful  yet free watchful but blissfully

     I had taken a trip with I at the helm

as two days went by so meaningfully


What happened the next day beat all my life

lessons changed me overnight gave me wings,

my scholarship came  unexpectedly

allowing my life to my own learnings.



~Jyothi NK 

Mumbai, India


  1. O Captain, My Captain! Wild adventurer that got awakened in verse and in travels. A plus voyages belles!

  2. Dr. Udhav Zarekar

    Jyoti , like the way you put forwarded..Though pretty lengthy..But thoughts heart touching..

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