View from My School

As I look towards east from my school,

a pristine forest covered in green feels cool.

Deep Blue River cools us with its gentle breeze

causing the stresses of our mind to cease.


Towards the north stands tall mountains filled in snow,

through which a chill wind bearing the coldness blows.

Cooling its surrounding causing change of seasons

that supports nature to thrive for various reasons.


Terraces of golden paddy in the west

provides the view, one of the best.

In the changing colour the field is dressed

symbolizing the brevity of seasons of the coast.


View towards the south is the sky clear,

the tall mountains slowly grow shorter and disappear

as if to the mountains, the hills have bowed

 giving us the clear view of moving clouds.


Within the school are energetic youth

striving day and night to seek the truth,

under the guidance of intellectual teachers

preparing youth in building the nation’s future.


~Deepak Raj Chetri 


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