The Coronavirus Diseases

The critical coronavirus is known as

2019-nCoV, which can lead to severe

and often deadly pneumonia.

The virus which caused severe acute

respiratory syndrome originated in

the Chinese city of Wuhan and

has spread globally.

Life was hardly back to normal, as

most shops, restaurants, and cafes

remained shut in some places.

Even many companies ordered their

employees to work from home.

It is revealed that viruses thrive

better in cool and dry climates.

As many people remain unknown about

the virus, they should wash their hands

and switch off the air-conditioner.

People should turn on the fan and get

fresh air to reduce the chances of getting

infected by the coronavirus.

Better to keep windows and doors open,

because enclosed spaces are less humid

and cooler, which can help to spread

respiratory diseases.

It is important to know that ultraviolet

rays and heat from the sun could

kill the coronavirus.

People might be sick and not care

that they are infecting others or they

might not know that they are sick.

Random cough and sneeze may send

their germs into surroundings.

The 2019-nCoV is still a potentially

deadly disease with no cure.

If we are to be concerned about our

health, we should be consistent in

our attitude and logic.

The only available measures for slowing

the spread of the disease is quarantine.


                                                ~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                            New Delhi, India

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