Our Lovable Lady

A very happy day it is

After a long time–

I heard the sweet voice once again

It was so very painful to hear–

Her talk with great difficulty

Getting breathless & hoarse

A coughing fit, it would end up with

But it failed to shake her confidence

Ignoring all awfully troublesome hurdles

She kept up with her smile

An angel she has always been to us

Goading us to love & shoulder —

All untoward situations for

‘They are the speed breakers of our life

Patience will bestow tolerance

Hastiness will lead to ruination

Choice is ours to make’

What a wonderful significant lesson she taught us!

Boundless sufferings daily she faces

Like a courageous soldier she encounters them

Nothing can overpower her joyous spirit

To her each day is as precious as she’s to us

We shuddered seeing her suffer

While she smiled at us

Encouraging us —

To be happy to be alive

To thank God for this precious life

She kept herself engrossed in her work

Her most enjoyable time has always been reading & writing

Humour runs through a lot of her work

An extremely talented lady she is

She’s the most precious gem of our life.


~Anuradha S. Bannore

Vadodara, India.


  1. anuradha ji you have the knack to make the dullest of life’s situation so fascinatingly attractive with the choicest words and phrases. I appreciate the way you have unfolded these facts of life, which this young lady is facing of course, loving people, friends and well- wishers always make life happy and it shows how important relationships are to cross the river of life . Unless you are surrounded with thoughtful, conscientious people around you ,yes life becomes not only dull and boring but there is no one to boost your spirit when you face difficult times all by yourself . thanks for this very engaging poem.

  2. Thanks Ms Diwakar for your very encouraging comment. It inspires & helps me in my writing.

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