Greater Call

There is no greater call
than a call engineered by our own creator.
Neither you nor I can reject it
despite being so busy with our life.

We can never play a guessing game
and predict when we will receive such a call.
Anytime, anyone will surely receive it
but are we prepared for such a moment?

No amount of wealth can bribe the almighty
and there will be no control over the call from above at any height of authority.
When it is time, we shall leave abruptly
and go empty-handed, that too all alone.

Absolute fairness and justice prevail
without the slightest of biases and injustice in the virtue of greater call.
It is only a matter of time till we receive the final call in particular.

How shall we prepare to welcome the greater call
without distortion of our emotions and thoughts?
There is a better opportunity to handle the call with greater confidence and humility,
If we can open our minds as widely as we could.

It takes the mountains of wisdom and experience,
to realize the uncertainty of the greater call.
Yet, we pretend to possess every knowledge about it
but continue to ride the world of ignorance.

Thus, a greater call
whether we are ready or not
we shall embrace it
one day or another with which we shall cease to live.


~Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan 

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