My sleep is fenced

As I make a vain attempt

To shut my eyes and ears

To the outside disturbance

Focusing my mind on nothing

The night layers unfold every minute

Leading me on a wild goose hunt

I delve in and out

Stepping on a stone one by one

Unaware of where it is leading me

I wake up and ponder

Where I am

Turning every side of the bed

Swinging like a pendulum

Ticking away the hours

Feeling lost, I pry into my inner self

Finding no answers about the annoying problem

Am I succumbing to the unknown world of mystery

Searching for a needle in the haystack?

Night slips into dawn

I am still awake

Sleep eludes me

As I tire of the ghost of the past

I struggle to get over the phantom

It pursues me incessantly

Day in and day out

Giving no respite

Speculation does not help

I heave a deep sigh

As I clutch my racing heart pleading

To beat in a softer cadence


Let me sleep


~Shobha Diwakar

Jabalpur, India


  1. Your poem Ms Diwakar is a very emotional one. It touches one’s heart as you go through it as it gradually unfolds the sleepless hours of painful sufferings. A sad note of agony runs throughout the poem. The one suffering seems to be lost in a maze of confusion about his/her whereabouts. You, Ms Diwakar have very well expressed what life can do to one who suffers extreme pain.

    • yes ASB, very true . Life really becomes complicated at times and one caught in its mesh with many ups and downs upsets the psyche for loss of answers to one’s problems; one may search high and low it becomes tiresome and painful, Your assessment hits the nail o the head
      Thanks for understanding the emotional aspect of the poem ASB

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