They say he is blind

I assert he is not

If he were

Would he shoot his arrow

For the heart to bleed?


How does blind Cupid know

Where lies the heart?

How does he shoot his arrow

Targeting the heart?

When it lies covered

Under so many layers

Beating silently

Settled in a peaceful corner?


How does he know

Who should fall in love

With whom and when and where?

Being blind how does Cupid know?


I know this is a fancy skit

Knit around him

Innocence portrayed in his

Cherubic face as an angel

Holding the piercing arrow slyly

Ready to dart it under mysterious ways


He neither sees the young, the old

This little juggling prankster

Enjoys his blissful life

Darting arrows all the while

Scheming to rob the affected ones

Of their cosy sleep


I still can’t find an answer

To his reckless silly pranks

Why is he such a zany

Why can’t he sit still?

But Cupid is a silly goose

Who loves to throw a noose

Around those who sit idle

Making them jump and stir


  Yet, Cupid is a pretty child

Who loves to play his role

Making people fall

In and out of love

For stories to be told


If there was no Cupid

There would be no triangles

No lovers fight

No love marriages

For men to take delight


Life is dull with no lovebirds

We know that too well

So whether Cupid’s young or old

Take delight in his hearty arrows

Then knit love stories to tell


~Shobha Diwakar

Jabalpur, India


  1. I loved your poem, Ms Diwakar. Your description of Cupid & his tricks makes the poem enjoyable. It’s true without Cupid and his antics, life probably would have been a very dull one so whether he’s blind or not he has definitely added charm to this otherwise tedious life.

  2. well, that is very true. Life without love is dull and insipid. Imagine living a life without, love, affection or faith upon anyone. True love is seldom found yet the pleasure it fills one’s life with makes one alive.
    thanks for your appreciation ASB

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