Beware When Bands Join Hands!

Band of different colours and names

Pleasing with different beliefs and bands

Join hands together to defame

This great land of the grace and fame

Trivial rings of selfish drive

Move around to defame

Distract development plans

Of this glorious historic ground.

Red band, liberal band and isolated band

All join hands and hands

When their existence comes to an end

When their ideologies face an extinction

With their personal selfish nature

And egoistic narcissism of the past

Cannot sustain in the light of present

Decisive moment, ideas and enthusiasm

The energy of selfless motive awakes

The quarrelling bands join hands in hands

To grab something for personal gratification

Of short-term sense pleasure like in the past

Look at the colours and credence of these bands

Media to academia, politics to parliament

Workers to women liberators

You see like represented of all

Gender and age.

But this is all fake.

The band is like a gang

Conspiring to destabilise your glory

Development and all history

You will see the praise and appeasement

Of these bands within

And beyond borders

But beware they will break your border

And turn your history upside down.

Beware of your destructive bands!


~ Chiranjibi Paudyal

Reading, UK


  1. Nathan Puri

    Excellent poem ! Clearly reflecting the present day India! Great.

  2. Jashan Patel

    Excellent poem! Clearly reflects the present day reality of great Bharat!

  3. Manisha Dhar

    This poem reflects Indian political reality.
    Excellent allegorical poem!

  4. Indeed this is an eye -opening poem, which even a layman can read through, between the lines
    the worst crisis of a glorious Nation where personal whims rise above the welfare of the nation. power crazy people abound to cater …. not to the nation but to their petty selves

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