A Romantic Weather

The river Ganga flows towards the ocean gracefully.

We worshiped her as a holy mother.

Sacred bath in holy river Ganga is a blessing.

This very long river sings its melodious song.

The cool breeze blows and it makes me sneeze.

The sun was trying to hide itself from the sky.

I was standing at the bank of a river in the evening.

Flocks of birds were returning to their nest.

The farmers of the village were returning home.

I spent my evening enjoying this scenery.

The cool and romantic weather of atmosphere,

encouraged the warming of my heart in spring.

My mind started wandering to get happiness.

In that pleasant weather, I started to sing a song.

I thought of someone who refused to love me.

Soon clouds covered the area in darkness.

The cool breeze was accompanied by sudden rain.

The environment gave me a peaceful feeling.

It was a very nice place to stay and enjoy.

When the bone-chilling winds were blowing,

In that beautiful climate, I enjoyed the scenery.

Though cloudy evening was a little unpleasant,

but the romantic weather gave a marvellous view.

Soon the cloud disappeared and I went home.


                                                                                             ~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                             New Delhi, India

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