Upon Departure

Feelings overwhelming and sensory

Mind fills with soothing memory

Joy is not joyful if it lacks presence

Flowers bloom, wane without fragrance


Like a bug chews a tender leaf

Sight of a damsel would deceive

Pinching thigh skin comes to sense

Flashback-clouds and fog so dense


Heart would ache on the day I depart

Hard would be it to souls apart

Smiling be his company seeing my face

I’d do the same halting the rat race.


You’d look at the sky and stars

Through the night and shed tears

To waves, I salute

Hoping to bring your paper-boat ashore

Memories anoint scars

When living apart like a drunken farce.


May the life of this fondness

Belong and unbroken

In summer a gentle current

In winter bright Sun glowing- recurrent.


                                                                      ~ Kuma Raj Subedi

                                                                      Adelaide, South Australia 

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