True Existence

Everyone loves a rose
and that’s the fact no one can deny.
We embrace the joy of its beauty
but we simply ignore the thorns
which is an integral part of that beautiful rose.

How unwise it would be to love the rose and hate the thorns
that is integrated into their very existence.
Yet, it is difficult to love or hate both
as the rose and thorns are different in several ways.

They are diverse in shape, size, and colours;
Each exhibit their exquisite valour.
They attract many insects and birds, small and big
That prospers  on the sweetest nectar
served freely without prejudice and greed.

In gratitude, these insects, and birds
help in pollination that is essential for the continuity of life.
There is so much of the beauty of coexistence in nature
that goes far beyond our understanding.

What if the roses were without thorns
Or if it was all thorns but no rose?
Will, there be the same beauty
and will they attract the same way?
Can they coexist in harmony as they do now?

We must understand the fundamentals of nature’s creation
and learn to love both the rose and thorns.
If so, we become appreciative of true existence
without being partial of natural bearings.


~Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan

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