The Burning Ship

The sky was clear blue but it was shaded down

to unhealthy darkness around the sea beach.

On that atmosphere, a tourist was practicing

his violin while sitting on the edge of the vast sea.

He, who was a violinist, was so engrossed in

music that he could see nothing else around him.

Sometime later, he could notice a ship was steered

by the sailors through the waves of the sea.

Though the ship was sailing, it looked as if

it was stationary on the surface of the vast sea.

Fortunately, a large mass of cloud indicated that

something was propelling the ship forward.

The tourist  saw that few passengers were waving

the swords above their heads on the deck.

Wind was blowing, which brought sound of

swords and some kind of war song from the ship.

The tourist could see the face of the passengers, who

had long hair falling around their shoulders.

Some of them were holding swords and some were

holding weapons with a pointed metal at the end.

Meanwhile, he could notice that another ship was

approaching silently on the wave of the sea.

When the two ships came nearby range, they

started throwing something like small bombs.

As a result, it exploded and the yellow flames spread

as oily substance splattered across the wood.

The crew of the ship rushed to throw blankets on

the burning oil which was burning continuously.

The majority of the crew crossed to the other side of

the deck and they were watching in disbelief.

By the time the sun touched the horizon, nothing was

seen as the burning ships disappeared from the view.

The tourist spent few minutes watching the burning

ship, which he would never forget for a long time.


                                                                                                 ~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                             New Delhi, India

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