I went to a restaurant to dine
but there was a long line.
I thought of giving up
but I saw a pub.

I was tempted
but I dare not attempt.
All those glittering lights
almost blinded my sight.

I thought, perhaps a sip of wine
would be fine before I dine.
Again, I was tempted
but I dare not attempt.

I checked the line once again
but it still looked like a train.
By then, I was hungry
and I became angry.

I planned to walk away
but it was never an easy way.
My tummy was growling
as the crowds in the line kept howling.
Alas! My line crawled like a toddler
and I too followed like a toddler with an older.
As I imagined the delicacy of food,
it once again aroused my mood.

After a long wait, I was greeted
with delicious food much needed.
It was a perfect dine
although I had to pass through a long line.

~ Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan

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  1. Lhakpa Wangdi Sherpa

    Made my night peaceful….
    Thanks you..

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