It is a bright and lovely sunny day,
A lot of fun is expected today.
What a beautiful Sunday
I am thrilled to make it a fun day.

Even the rivers are having fun;
they flow with many twists and turns.
The time is moving fast
Just like the rivers flowing fast.

Everyone is so busy
with so many plans, they are going crazy.
Sunday is full of commotions
Bewildered by the mountains of mixed emotions.

As the golden face slowly descends
Everything settles down to transcend.
Before we bid adieu to the far West
we shall keep toiling with the same zest.

The birds race back to their home
As they prepare before the darkness doom.
Even the men and women are in hurry
to finish their plans without Sunday’s fury.


~Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan 

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