Rusted String

As I tapped on a rusted string,

It made a sound so amazing

Filled in an ecstasy made my heart swing,

Making me fly with fantasy wings.


Room around was filled with a soothing sound,

As if it was all the walls and the ground,

Playing orchestra in the background,

Making me endure in a blissful confound.


Gradually, rustier strings will grow,

The guitar’s old strings no longer glow,

Assuming that soon it will blow,

Rusted strings I used to throw.


Resilience it hid beneath the rust,

Although it had odd and rusty crust,

The rhythm it made was robust,

To throw and replace it was unjust.


Some people seems to be evil, horrific, and rude,

Without knowing their nature we judge them to be crude,

No people deserve to be thrown to a negative cart,

Each person on earth is born with beautiful heart.


~Deepak Raj Chetri 


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  1. Juvy Lyn Gando

    Congratulations for another beautifully penned composition!

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