Prince and His Moon

He waited for her,

Called her his moon.

He cried for her,

Plead for her to meet soon.


He prayed to find,

Someone like his imaginary moon.

He kneeled down,

To find someone like her soon.


When the moon will come into his life,

All darkness will vanish.

He will live without empathy of love,

And will get a beautiful wife.



Moon admired his famish over his wants,

Thought of giving him his moon.

Moon sent a girl like his want,

Shiny, beautiful.


Moon thought he will be happy,

Later night he sent the princess.

Wrapped in a qipao,

And probably this will make him happy!


The prince became happy to his princess,

But when she came closer,

He rejected her and called her a loser,

Just because of the scars moon gave it to her.

And this is what he wanted,

A princess like moon.

But shiny like moon,

Not with scars like moon.


Moon became angry,

Cursed him forever for his life,

He won’t get his wife,

He won’t live a happy life.


~Parthvi Singh

 Kichha, Udham Singh Nagar, India

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