Giving up on Me

No more arguments no more fights

I’m surrendering by myself

The more I try to go away

You are holding me tightly

You are tying me with your love

And now it’s too tight

It’s too tight so that

I couldn’t even breathe

It was so difficult for me

to complete the puzzle

Once I completed I got the picture

It was me, the real me

The one I’m in love with

The one I was missing all these years

I was hidden behind your sweet words

I was blind, I was in love

Coz once your love was a drug

Now its killing me

I’m drowning in your obsession

Show me some sympathy

I’m dying for being myself

Let me out of this

I want to run away

I want to cry aloud

Now its too late

Coz you are my favourite mistake

I’m fading away

Burying myself

I can’t hurt you more

Even if I’ll get hurt

Wiping my tears

Smiling like a fool

I’m walking slowly

Knowing that this is not my path

But I’ll keep walking

Coz I give up on me.


                                              ~Lakshmipriya V. M

                                                 Kochi, India


  1. Wow🔥

  2. Awesome

  3. Raw, emotional and simply beautiful!

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