Environment of a Forest Life

A boy who lives in hostel went to a forest

 which was located behind his village.

He could see few birds had settled in

the branches of trees inside the forest.

While loitering, he could see few deers,

squirrels, several mynahs and foxes.

When he walked further inside on that

beautiful trail, he could see few tall

trees like fig tree, pine, and banyan.

He walked towards a big banyan tree

to worship, as within it Goddess lives.

For hundreds of years, this tree has been

worshipped by few villagers in this forest.

The boy knew that birds nest resided on these

gigantic trees and men rested against its trunk.

On that period, he recollected that garland and

lamp is used to pay respects to the banyan tree.

Later he lit a lamp and placed it in front of

the tree and hung garland upon branches.

The banyan tree remained quiet as there was less

breeze but her leaves of branch swayed gently.

The boy knew children played under this

tree to spend their beautiful time.

The summer wind came whispering through

the branches of this auspicious tree.

Looking around, he could see few children

were playing gulli-danda in the bank.

Little later he was walking unconsciously

until he reached his house in the village.


                                                                                                   ~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                             New Delhi, India

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