Dionysiac Ecstasy

Each pour in a slender glass

Creates havoc

Like swirling waves in the sea

Emotions and feelings

Start to breathe and vibrate!


The red drop with a cleansing agent

When travels downward

All the good come out

Churning the mixture of

Stale-slug like sentiment

Cream – laughter, and appreciation!


Toil and suffering

Waning down with setting Sun

With the rise of Zeus and Persephone’s son

In pubs and bistro

In mugs and shots

In jars in bars

Creating peace in every sip!


Shiva’s Tandava –

Purely an attempt to kick out boredom

Hits dance floor

The fumes

The whistles and blows

Barring ugly lifestyle

Stimulates the consumption

For an overnight redemption!


Be it the mercy of

The Greeks’ Dionysus

Or Hindu’s Shiva

Or Norse Aegir

Or a combination of all

Tradition remains-this cult!


~Kuma Raj Subedi

Adelaide, Australia 

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