Cupid’s Arrow of Love

With teary eyes, she sat all by herself

Reminiscing on her life.

A sad smile through the tears–

Hovered on her trembling lips

Thinking of her ‘Love’

She pensively murmured–

‘Never ever again say ‘Goodbye’

A cold shiver runs through me

You know how those two words hurt me

Haunting memories invade my mind

Into the darkness, I’m dragged

All the skeletons in the cupboard

Suddenly jump out joyfully

Before my eyes, they dance in glee

Killjoy, they are for me

I can’t stop tears cascading down my cheeks uncontrollably

Blinding me from the present

Into the past they dump me

Is this what you wish for me with your..


If you must leave me, then do so quietly by all means

My stopping you doesn’t really count in your life

That, I’m a ‘nobody’ for you, I’m well aware of

Crazily I yearn & care for you

But that’s what–

Cupid’s Arrow of Love does!

In spite of all that we have gone through

Not once did I stop loving you–

Even though you always blamed me for everything

It was always a battle I fought within myself because..

Never ever did you support me

Yet patiently I bore everything

Stood by you in good & bad times


You never did fail to ignore me

  In fact–

You never did miss an opportunity to–

Humiliate me in the presence of others

Fault lay at my doors for..

A one-sided love, it always seemed to be

Maybe that’s what my destiny is!

Your sweet words never did come from your heart

The lips, probably uttered them knowing–

What I wanted to hear &-

For Gospel Truth, I innocently took them


The treacherous reality did smite me!

How very painful it’s been for me

You have no idea!

In the safe deposit of my heart

I had locked my feelings but-

Your ‘Goodbye’

Unfortunately broke it open

How could you be so numb

Not to see what you did to me?

I still pray for your welfare

Although you care not for me

Maybe we weren’t meant to be together

But pondering over all that is now useless

Let’s just continue to live as we are

‘Love’ is undoubtedly, I now realise..

A sugar-coated quinine tablet

The sweetness soon vanishes &-

Yielding to the bitter taste of what actually it is!’


~Anuradha S. Bannore

Vadodara, India


  1. That is the truth of many a love relationship, whether in or out of marriage. one can never realize what lies ahead and whether or not the bond will last for ever in happiness or in bickering. A romantic world woven around fanciful novels and stories one reads in adolescence breaks the shadows of reality when one faces real life.
    Indeed a beautifully crafted poem Ms Bannore

  2. Thanks Ms Diwakar for your very encouraging comments. It’s true love is like a lucky dip…no one knows what it will turn into over the years & while is entangled in the web of love Cupid continues with his pranks enjoying himself at the cost of others. That’s life all wrapped up in the glow of love till it gets unwrapped to show the reality.

  3. Jaishree Misra

    Very sad and very pure ! Love on one side and contempt on the other – or grace on one side and barrenness on the other !!
    Moving and painful – the utter waste of love in its purest form for one who is too unfeeling and unaware of the treasure wasted on him .

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