Month: September 2021


A Golden Grain of Rice

I was once asked, for a price of a golden grain of rice by a man, whom I consider wise That took me a long time to cognize.   My response might not have been wise. On the value of a golden grain of rice Reflecting on the thoughts that […]


A Love Quest

I know Like me, You are rooted In your terrain You can never Be mine Yet For you I pine I wish to be Transplanted Aspire to feel Wanted In reality I am grounded In spirit I keep wandering Haunted   ~Sudha Dixit Bangalore, India


The Irate Lapdog

by Shobha Diwakar Oops! What did I write? Lapdog, really, oh! Yes, now I realize… I meant laptop. Then why does the title read, Lapdog? Well, you see, both begin with the initial, same alphas L A P meaning Lap, besides Dog and Top… both words share three letters. Yes… […]


Upon Departure

Feelings overwhelming and sensory Mind fills with soothing memory Joy is not joyful if it lacks presence Flowers bloom, wane without fragrance   Like a bug chews a tender leaf Sight of a damsel would deceive Pinching thigh skin comes to sense Flashback-clouds and fog so dense   Heart would […]

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God No.1

by Ranjit Kulkarni  The festival of Gowri-Ganesha in Bangalore has quite a few differences from the festival of Ganpati in Mumbai. In Bangalore, it is a private festival while in Mumbai it is a public festival. Almost everyone in Bangalore gets a ‘मूर्ति’ at home. While in Mumbai it is […]


To The Psyche

There is a man hiding behind the man you see whose ego is burnt carbon and is unique And darkened by the lord of death himself, prone to the flicker of eyes that would tell There in the offing is a maddened hour of wee when in the beginning cuckoo […]


Blind With Strange

Swimming with wings of night Passing through my shore of scar Landing in my screaming world Immerse in lasting glow   Hover through my jives of life Falling for my collide of soul Where I sit and stand with unknown shade   Walking in my cosmic night Where we deep […]


Ghosts in Me

A ghost in me – there resides a ghost in me It comes out when I swim in lakes at evenfalls So when a man sees my spine with evil eyes – and bites his tongue with his cowardly teeth – and lives in his head a dream of me […]


Environment of a Forest Life

A boy who lives in hostel went to a forest  which was located behind his village. He could see few birds had settled in the branches of trees inside the forest. While loitering, he could see few deers, squirrels, several mynahs and foxes. When he walked further inside on that […]