The Red Waterfall

No waterfall exists here more ancient than this
Flowing through the ages and the basis of the origin of this universe.

No waterfall exists here braver than this
Holds all the pain of cyclons, storms, and floods.

No waterfall exists here more calm than this
Flows slowly without humming, without giving any idea of its presence to nature.

No waterfall exists here more powerful than this
Holding the power of procreation

Holds holy water, the base of the sacred bond of mother and child.
No waterfall exists here more beautiful than this

As bright as the color of the heart, synchronizing itself with the cycle of the moon.
No waterfall exists here more loyal than this

Returning to the same pond after every fourth week
I pray to God please awarded every female with this brave, beautiful, and powerful red waterfall.

~ Khushboo Tanwar

Jaipur, India


  1. Shiv pratap singh

    Beautiful message for life
    You are an awesome writer

  2. Thank you❤

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